Bl(ogR)eading: Family of Man

“I pray for quick lessons.”

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Family of man

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Family of Man

We are a family of man. A tumble-torn, bruised and damaged lot. Our original sin is held in the heart, in its fragility, its ability to break, its inability to heal. We are handicapped by this organ that just wants to love.
We walk grey streets of remorse and denial, our motley pasts zipped into our packs. We walk alone although we are surrounded by people, our family. A family of brittle hearts. We struggle to communicate our love and longing and loneliness but share easily our pain and anger and frustration. Frustration at our inability to shape our lives into what we want them to be. Frustration that things don’t work out the way we want them to. Frustration that people aren’t what we need them to be. Frustration that the road is steep and long.
There’s so much we have to work for. To fight for. To struggle for.
To gamble for.
We must extend ourselves, risk our joy, play our shitty hand, toss in our glass hearts, our flimsy souls.
I keep looking for a guarantee of happiness like it’s a star in the damn sky somewhere.
I keep thinking that pain will recede yet it returns like a tide.
I keep hoping that I will overcome my faults and insecurities. I will stop stepping in the same potholes, the ones I swore I patched up.
But there are so many cracks in the infrastructure.

Consequently, I lean heavy on the power of prayer.
I pray for eyes open and raw and seeing. I pray that the blinders of my upbringing, my race, my sex, my expectations fall away even if it makes it a Visine kind of day. Because I so much want to see YOU. To see your experience, your heart, your raw and open eyes looking in mine.
I pray for ease. I pray that I don’t make things harder than they have to be. I pray that the incline abates. That I get out of God’s way. That my pain-popping ego stays in its place and stops dancing all over my primal wounds. That I don’t become hard-edged and pessimistic. That I don’t court rain when I need a clear blue sky. That I have faith in the universe’s merciful leaning toward equilibrium.
I pray for quick lessons. As much as I want this journey to be grief-free, it seems impossible. There are dues to be paid. You must ante in to play. But when the darkness does come, I pray I learn what I need to learn quickly. And I wish the same for you.
You know what they recommend when you’re going through hell.
Keep going. It’s the only way out.
Be brave. Have courage. Face your fears. Bet your heart. And keep going.

(from Saturday, December 4, 2010)

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